Affiliated Location

Download Affiliated Location Game Soundtrack

Affiliated Location is one of the top scary fan-made games of Five Nights at Freddy’s. In which, you will have to prevent all of the roaming animatronics from invading your room. Otherwise, they will show jumpscares to make you lose. Not only that, you will be murdered after that. They behave strangely at night. And, it is the cause that you are hired to watch them.

Download Affiliated Location for free and show up your abilities to manage and use tools properly! Along with your capability, devices in the office will be the primary “weapons” to protect your life. Each killer will unique movement pattern. Try to observe their steps via cameras carefully! It is useful to stop them before they break into your area. They are PlayTime Foxy and JayJay. They look like antagonists in many FNAF Gamejolt titles. The Android port is almost done. Remember to follow and update to play your adventure on mobile!

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