Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night

Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night is a horror fangame set in the style of Fnaf series. In which, you are forced to prevent every enemy from entering your office. Once you let one of them invade your space, you’d better prepare for the worst situation. Each of the rivals will have not the same movement pattern. Therefore, you should supervise them via security cameras carefully.

Engage in the Custom Night of the current title available on Gamejolt you are able to adjust the AI. It is related to the difficulty level of opponents. It’s easy to reset their aggressiveness at the start of the match, from 0 to 20. Similar to the original Five Nights at Freddy’s games, you must stay alive at 6 AM. It is time that every danger will end. Aside from these facts, it’s feasible to check minigames and dig deeper into secrets. Download the version and begin now!

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