Baldi’s Basics in Nightmares 1.5 – v.0.9.0

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The cool v.0.9.0 of Baldi’s Basics in Nightmares 1.5 Fnaf fangame has been replaced. Now, you can experience the new v.1.0.0 with features not existing before. Specifically, the full BBiN 1.5 will offer the Circus Mode and other items.

After incidents of BBiN, you return to your home. However, the challenge does not stop. You are given a mission to play in which you are required to “unlock Polter Baldi and eradicate him for good”. Similar to the task in the original Five Nights at Freddy’s series, it is completely hard to fulfill that goal. Download Baldi’s Basics in Nightmares 1.5 for free and you will involve in a horror story by yourself! It occurs in a dark house, along with the appearance of some crazy damaged animatronic characters. They will roam, tease, and perform jumpscares suddenly to kill you. Alike with FNAF Gamejolt titles, you should observe and block their action with the right strategy for survival!

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