Bonnie Simulator

Bonnie Simulator is one of the most popular FNAF Fangames Download on PC. If you are a huge fan of FNAF games, especially when you love the animatronic character – Bonnie, then this fan-made title is the best game for you. Bonnie Simulator is a game based on Spingtrap Simulator 101 together with other FNAF simulators create by plenty of fans. You can download Bonnie Simulator free on PC and jump into it to experience a fantastic adventure. The game allows you to play as Bonnie from FNAF 1. Your main mission is to roam the building at night in order to reach the office of the night watchman to jumpscare and kill him. Since the building is full of surveillance cameras, it’s very important to learn how to avoid them, or else you will get caught by the guard and cannot enter his office. The goal here is to defeat the night guard before 6 AM.

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