Circus Baby’s Diner

Circus Baby’s Diner is a FNAF free download game made by a fan. If you love to play horror games like FNAF, you must check this title out for new experiences. In Circus Baby’s Diner free game, you come to a restaurant and work there as a nightguard. You decide to do your best to complete this job for a good salary. Working here for a week can earn you up to $178.50. However, you have no ideas about what scary thing is waiting for you ahead once you step into the building. The animatronic mascots of the restaurant will start roaming at night from room to room just to find a way to enter your office. You must check the cameras to watch their moves and make sure they cannot go into your workplace, otherwise, you will be jumpscared. Develop your smart strategies to deal with these creepy enemies for a chance of winning. You will win the game if you survive until the end of the adventure!

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