Craftyboy Custom Night

Craftyboy Custom Night is a great Fnaf fangame. It is free for all to explore another playfield. In which, an intense match between you and scary animatronic characters will be started. Play like a night security guard you are asked to watch over everything in the building, from 12 AM to 6 AM. Although it is not a long period, it hides a lot of dangers coming from roaming robots.

Before you take part in Craftyboy Custom Night which is available on Gamejolt, you are able to adjust the difficulty level of enemies. They will be selected and form a formidable party. They are aggressive and cunning. While you observe their movement via cameras, they can lurk in the dark and invade your room anytime. In order to learn much more about their behavior and the ending, you’d better download the version from now on! Hope you can stay alive at the moment that the challenge stops!

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