Ennard’s Night

Download Ennard’s Night Android

Ennard’s Night is regarded as one of the top horror fangames inspired by FNAF: Sister Location created by Scott Cawthon. Please try out the present title available on Gamejolt if you are seeking the feel of the original! Make sure you can deal with and solve all jumpscares excellently! It will be the key to help you become the winner.

Download Ennard’s Night for free and you will work the night shift at a dark and haunted building in the local! It is the home of multiple animatronic employees. When you open the door to start your job, it is also the time that they wake up and embark on another exciting mission. Remember that they are not as friendly as you think! They will be deadly foes in Ennard’s Night Android that you must prevent from approaching your room. Once they get close to you, you cannot escape anymore. Do not forget to set again their difficulty level when you engage in the custom night! Good luck!

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