FANF 8 is one of the best FNAF Gamejolts fan games where you are able to come back into a mysterious alternate universe and embark on a cool adventure by yourself. In which, Dawko will give up on 50/20 mode and moves on a wacky journey so as to take control of the Pause button. FANF 8 is filled with rage-inducing platforms, comedies, and a secret waiting for you to discover. Not only that, you are capable of roaming throughout various areas in a dark building to find out the answer. Be careful! You can die at any time if you cannot stay away from traps promptly. They are spikes and many more. Remember to make use of your abilities and jump over all of the obstacles!

Download FANF 8 free and play every stage smartly! Aside from getting to the end and opening up unresolved puzzles, you must protect your character from deadly situations caused by objects scattered across the track. Shall you reach the final level safely? Good luck!

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