Fazbear Horror: Sister Location – Opening Minigame Demo

Opening Minigame is a cool Fazbear Horror: Sister Location Demo that you can download at Game Jolt and immerse yourself into a scary universe along with evil monsters for free! It is a survival story set in a dark building. You will be able to discover and conquer 6 nights together with an unlimited mode. Not only that, you are allowed to reset the AI before you take part in Fazbear Horror: Sister Location with the amazing Custom Night!

Your selective FNAF Gamejolt title will introduce a series of hostile characters from SL. On the screen of that short demo, you will find a menu called Extras. Meanwhile, there are plenty of Easter Eggs scattered across the journey that you are recommended to uncover before you become the winner. Are you ready to engage every available horror FNAF Fangame of the famous Fazbear Horror series, from 1-4, and stay alive? It is very easy to test installments! Remember to protect yourself from jumpsacres until 6 AM! Otherwise, you cannot earn money and be the best employee. Good luck!

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