Five Nights At Brady’s Chapter 1

Five Nights At Brady's Chapter 1 is a random Fnaf fangame. Download the version and defend against the new set of aggressive animatronics for survival right now!

Five Nights At Brady’s Chapter 1 is a free Fnaf download game which takes place in the latest attraction named Brady’s Pizzeria haunted with the cries of the slain kids from 1977. It is a newly opened local restaurant.

Not only that, it is the home of animatronic robots which are possessed by mysterious souls. In Fnaf Five Nights At Brady’s Chapter 1, you are hired to work as a night guard. Try to supervise the building and every behavior of scary enemies, including Brady The Bunny, Oliver The Blue Jay, and Alice The Fox! They can roam, invade your room and kill you with their jumpscares. Good luck!

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