Five Nights At F***boy’s : Sister Location 3

Five Nights At F***boy’s: Sister Location 3 is a parody version of the FNAF game and it is created by a fan. You can download it for free to your computer for this crazy adventure. In this third chapter, William Afton is back and he is very pissed now. When you make an attempt to kill him, he is extremely mad. When you mess with his wire baby, he becomes pissed off. Other Phantom Funtimes are attempting to enlist the assistance of some animatronics of Afton that are not used so they can retrieve their bodies, even though they are so careful to do it because Funtime Chica reacted strangely to their cry for help. This thing should be easy to do until the old friend Ennard appears. You will go with these animatronics in this interesting adventure. There are 4 chapters you can play, such as Yenndo, Phantom, Afton, and Flashback. Each of them has at least one secret boss. Try to beat a secret boss to get a letter or number. Will you conquer all of them? Download Five Nights At F***boy’s: Sister Location 3 now! Have fun!

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