Five Nights at Freddy’s : Minecraft Edition [FNaF : MCE]

Five Nights at Freddy’s : Minecraft Edition or FNaF : MCE is one of the top fan-made Gamejolt games inspired by the original, Fnaf. However, every design in the new adventure looks like what you see in Minecraft. It is an exciting combination of two popular titles. Come to FNaF : MCE you will work as a nightguard. It is a hard position to conquer. Open the room and you are able to embark on your job immediately. Try to play cameras wisely! They will help you follow most of the movements of monsters. These scary animatronic characters will be the rivals. You’d better avoid their jumps if you want to stay alive at 6 AM.

Aside from using those tools, you are also required to repair doors in Five Nights at Freddy’s : Minecraft Edition Download. Although it will take you a lot of time, they are effective to block the opponent before they enter and catch you. Remember that your shift will last for a week! Good luck!

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