Five Nights at Golden Freddy’s 2

Download Five Nights at Golden Freddy’s 2 game to access a cool challenge by yourself. Beat Golden Freddy in Five Nights at Golden Freddy’s 2 to win stages!

Golden Freddy is one of the scariest and spookiest animatronics! Get ready to meet him again in a downloadable fan game called Five Nights at Golden Freddy’s 2! Check it out now! The game sets in a horror restaurant filled with lots of scary elements. You will come there to work as a security guard trying to monitor the building. You could finish your job well if it weren’t for the fact that Golden Freddy rules there. That means you have to stay watchful for this animatronic, or else he will jumpscare you! Try to complete your job to get paid and survive all nights!

Five Nights at Golden Freddy’s 2 is a free download Fnaf fan-made game with 5 levels. Each level introduces to the player a different night. But, they will revolve around Golden Freddy and you, a night watchman. To defend yourself from that robot, you must prevent it from entering your office. Or, it will capture and crush you afterward. Aside from using your skills, remember to launch equipment around your space wisely! Actually, they are very useful to protect your position and allow you to overcome nights successfully. Download the current release and look for the best way to deal with your enemy!

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