Five night’s at helper’s DEMO

The official Five night’s at helper’s DEMO of the new horror FNAF fan-made game is available for you to experience! It is about a fantastic adventure of a young security guard working at a creepy building. The nightshift will start at 12 AM and last for a week. Although you are hired to watch equipment, you must protect your life from jumpscares of dangerous animatronic mascots that are hiding in the shadows. They are on the way to find your place and they will attack or even kill you if you do not block them from invading your room.

In other words, you are joining a survival match once you accept to download Five night’s at helper’s DEMO Gmaejolt free. Therefore, you are advised to keep an eye on every camera and check the enemy’s movements always. Not only that, you do not skip the remaining tools! They are really useful to allow you to exist until the end of the stage. Good luck!

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