Five Nights at Kelaynak’s

Five Nights at Kelaynak’s is a fun-addicting Fnaf fangame available for you to download without cost. It is about the story of a night watchman working at a haunted vintage restaurant in the local, from 12 AM to 6 AM. Take the role of that character and your mission is not to watch over devices or something in the building.

Actually, the main aim that you must complete when playing Five Nights at Kelaynak’s at Gamejolt is to defend yourself from all of the scary roaming animatronic characters. They can lurk, move, and break into your office whenever to kill you. Remember that you will lose once they perform their jumpscares! Like Fnaf games, you are recommended to find everything in the room, from cameras to something that can help you block them before they approach your place. It is a survival match in which you have to be the winner. Are you willing to call and open the door to embark on your part-time job? Good luck!

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