Five nights gray

Download five nights gray free and embark on a new horror FNAF fanmade game as your preference! Check out the ita version and remember to prevent everything dangerous from reaching your spot! You must stay alive at 6 AM.

five night’s gray (ing version)

It will be the main aim that you need to complete despite you play five nights gray or any FNAF Gamejolt Download remake. The story will be started from the moment that you step into the office. Unfortunately, you are trapped there for many hours. During that period of time, you have to rely on your own skills to escape from deadly jumpscares of lurking animatronic characters. They look like models or antagonists in the popular series Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott. Everything seems to be normal but suits scattered across the location. Be careful! They can disappear whenever. Via security cameras, you can know their movement. More importantly, do not let any of them enter your room!

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