Five Nights In Anime RX EDITION

Five Nights In Anime Rx Edition gamejolt is a Five Nights at Freddy's fan game. It's free to play and download FNIA RX Edition and show your survivability!

Five Nights In Anime RX EDITION brings back a playfield where you will face off multiple crazy animatronic enemies. Don’t let any of them approach or you will die!

Five Nights In Anime RX EDITION download, a new Fnaf fan-made for mature

First of all, it is a product for fun. Therefore, please don’t take it seriously and experience it your way! Are you ready to explore the present horror adventure?

It’s not easy to play FNIA RX game

Five Nights in Anime Remastered ios gives you an interesting job. You will have to watch over the building and prevent robbers. Not only that, it’s necessary for you to protect yourself. In fact, sex-hungry machines are moving around to find you.

Five Nights In Anime Remastered PC Download
Five Nights In Anime Remastered PC Download

So, you are not alone in the Five Nights In Anime RX EDITION game while these robots will always disturb you. Furthermore, they can launch deadly jumps. To become the winner, you should stop them from catching you.

Like locations in FNAF games download, it is a dark Freddy’s striptease nightclub. As a result, everything will get strange at night. Especially, mascots will be able to wander around and attack everybody.

As in Five Nights In Anime APK, you’d better look around your space and search for usable tools. They will be the main weapon to fend off the rival, too. Can you escape from the club and survive?

FNIA RX gamejolt will occur for 5 nights with plenty of difficulties. Meanwhile, the girls are thirsty and they only want you. Shall you defeat them and unlock five levels?

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