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Download FNaF Online (ANDROID)
Download FNaF Online (ANDROID)

FNaF Online (ANDROID) is a free fan game that lets you play with your friends on a private or public server. Have you ever wanted to play this scary adventure game with your friends but you don’t have a computer? Now, you can totally do it with FNaF Online fan game. It is known as the first multiplayer FNaF game playable on mobile devices. The game features several modes for you to master, including multiplayer, story mode, and minigames. In multiplayer mode, you and your friends take on different roles. One player plays as the nightguard, while the other players play as the animatronics. In story mode, you have to explore 5 maps and experience 4 nights to get Faz-Tokens, then use the tokens to buy more maps and multiplayer. For minigames, you will explore singleplayer short, sweet gameplay, Parts and Service, Happiest Day, etc. Enjoy FNaF Online for Android devices now!

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