FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official)

Game Soundtrack

FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official) is a free for all to experience on Gamejolt. It is a survival game in which you are forced to defend your life. Once you let wicked animatronic characters catch you, you will not have any chance to earn money and go home. They can roam around rooms and throughout the building.

Enjoy FNaF Ultimate Edition 3 (Official) a fun-addicting fangame you need to control the whole new and improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria carefully. Especially, cameras will help you, a novice watchman, supervise the enemy’s movement although some areas are too dark to check. Do not ignore the existence of other devices like shocks and temperature! Stuff that you see in the current FNAF Download version is normal. But, they are really useful to block monsters from killing you. Can you stay alive at 6 AM and escape? Prepare for the coming encounter and win!

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