Fredbear’s Entertainment Center

Fredbear’s Entertainment Center is a survival game free to download on Game Jolt. Play it now to show your skills!

In this FNAF-like game, you come to a place full of joy and fun. This place is famous for 2 robots that are known as entertainers with great performances on the stage. Although they keep customers entertained, their appearances are a bit scary. You come here to work as a night guard whose mission is to watch the place at night and keep an eye on the robots. Something happened after 5 days. Now, you realize it is not good for you, so making an escape is a must. Hence, your mission is to escape this place. Make use of your skills to conquer all challenges, defeat the robots, as well as stop them from beating you! Click to download Fredbear’s Entertainment Center game for free now to experience this adventure! Have fun!

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