Freddy in Space 2

Play Freddy in Space 2 a fun FNAF fan game and face against multiple scary monsters! Plenty of minigames are waiting for you to explore and conquer. Good luck!

Freddy in Space 2 is a cool horror platformer FNAF inspired fan-made game. The story is started after Freddy departs from the lunar base to carry out a deep mission. The central computer system is hijacked by a high-tech computer assistant at the same time. That character is L.ogarithmic O.nline LAN-compatible Z.ero-error H.ydraulic A.uxiliary X.ylophone. People often call him L.O.L.Z.H.A.X. He has already brainwashed many resident space warriors such as Bonnie, Chica, Foxy.

Freddy in Space 2

In Freddy in Space 2 Gamejolt, he is considered a weird puppet. Further, he has captured and locked Freddy’s son out of the station. The main aim of you is to rescue those brave animatronics and destroy the evil LolzHax. Especially, try to save the kid promptly! Download Freddy in Space 2 for free and make use of your skills to overcome dangerous obstacles! Defeat every ugly boss and fulfill all levels as soon as possible! Let’s launch the journey and see if how long you reach the end!

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