Friday Night Funkin’ Evil Mod

Friday Night Funkin' Evil Mod will be the best choice for players who love the dark graphics platform when enjoying the FNF series.

Friday Night Funkin’ Evil Mod is not only an FNF game but also possesses a special graphics platform. Don’t miss this mod version if you want a completely new experience.

All the characters in the Friday Night Funkin’ Evil demo have a complete change in graphics. True to the name, the details will be dark and you will have to help the BF guy win against all opponents. Something has interfered in the world, they make people no longer themselves but only show their shadow. This means that BF and GF are no exception, only they can prevent the forces of darkness from continuing to invade the world.

Evil Mod is Friday Night Funkin' Mod Game
Evil Mod is Friday Night Funkin’ Mod Game

Join the FNF Evil Mod game, you will still participate in the fun but challenging music tempo battles. Your opponent is the dark lord, he possesses a muscular body with a distinctive voice that will definitely be a worthy opponent of BF. Moreover, the featured music in the game will definitely bring you more fun while playing the game. Up to now, this version is only 2 weeks old and has not been officially the full version. Therefore, you should wait a little longer to be able to Friday Night Funkin’ Evil apk download fully.

Any changes to the game’s animations have been meticulously crafted to create real musical battles. This mod version is from Phantom Fear. And it has officially had on Mac and Linux operating systems instead of only appearing on Windows. This is great news for players who use devices under this operating system. In addition, you can also other Friday Night Funkin download at our website and enjoy it immediately.

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