GG Family Dinner (Para gg games)

Download GG Family Dinner (Para gg games) Dificultad media

GG Family Dinner is a game similar to FNAF in terms of gameplay. Download it free on Game Jolt to explore a scary adventure!

The mission for you in this FNAF fan game is to deal with animatronics as well as stop them from jumpscaring you. Each fan-made game has its own storyline, missions, and characteristics. For this title, those animatronics are not in the cameras. They move through lots of rooms, and their intention is to enter your office. As a night guard, you have to watch their steps as well as plan your strategies to outplay them. Also, keep an eye on your door! You have to close it before the animatronics enter, or they will jumpscare you. GG Family Dinner free download features some Easter Eggs. So, try to find them when you play the game! Are you ready for this adventure? Click to download the title to prove your skills! Have fun!

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