Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo

Honeybear’s Fantasy is a horror Gamejolt fangame with the concept of Five Nights at Freddy’s developed by Scott Cawthon. Play the new challenge against multiple creative hostile animatronic characters. The main aim is to stay alive at 6 AM. Fnaf Honeybear’s Fantasy Download is a small title in which you can roam for free. The part-time job that you receive will start at 12 AM in a creepy place. It’s necessary to monitor security cameras carefully! They will help you catch the sight of rivals. Therefore, you can prevent these scary robots from acting up strangely. Besides, you are also asked to control the temperature with power smartly. Try to block them before they jump! A good strategy that is released in time will allow you to improve your survivability significantly. Honeybears Fantasy Cancelled is only a school project. Are you willing to explore and conquer every puzzle? Have fun!

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