Insomnious Nights

Insomnious Nights unblocked is a Gamejolt FNAF game. Insomnious Nights download takes you on sleepless nights where you fight against creepy animatronics.

Insomnious Nights is an FNAF game with a new update. It is from the Gamejolt FNAF series featuring a creepy experience at Fazbear Entertainment with animatronics.

Insomnious Nights has a new storyline with lots of mysteries

This FNaF game takes place in the year 2024. It has been a year ever since the occurrence at Fazbear Frights. So, it has lots of things to look back on it.

However, there is a big company named Mighty Inc. owning lots of stores LargeAssort as well as subsidiaries. They purchase the rights to some animatronics that come from Fazbear Entertainment.

The animatronics from the old place are planned to be transferred to a new restaurant with a previous name – Kids Joy. Then, they have a new name which is Fredbear’s Pizza Place.

At present, there is one restaurant that is open to customers. However, the company plans to launch another 20. No matter what they do, they always mention the animatronics.

Your horror encounter with animatronics in FNaF Insomnious Nights

ThisFNaF Gamejolt Download game features some famous animatronics such as SpringBonnie, Fredbear, Freddy, and Bonnie. For the first two animatronics, they come from Fazbear Entertainment. These animatronics are able to change to the costume mode.

FNaF Insomnious Nights Free Download
FNaF Insomnious Nights Free Download

However, the costumes are not good, even though Mighty Inc. Says that it is a remake of the costume system. When the animatronics get into these costumes, they become active and start to try to jumpscare you.

As a night watchman of the place, you must defend yourself from those animatronics. Try to avoid their jumpscares and survive the nights.

Insomnious Nights new update will definitely improve your gaming experience. You can explore mini-games, enjoy amazing graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and an adventure in full HD resolution.

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