Oblitus Casa

Oblitus Casa unblocked is an FNAF download game. You come to Treasure Island in Oblitus Casa game to take on a creepy mission and survive the challenges.

Oblitus Casa is an FNaF horror strategy game by a talented fan. It is about a creepy place named Treasure Island where you explore mysteries and fight to survive.

Oblitus Casa FNaF download brings you a mysterious adventure

This FNAF game is a sequel to the Treasure Island’s legacy. The game also focuses on a storyline taking place on a creepy island. It has been already one year every ever since the occurrences happened at Treasure Island.

FNaF Oblitus Casa Game
FNaF Oblitus Casa Game

It seems to be insufficient for one year. You cannot clear things out of your mind and it also keeps you reminded every day. Therefore, the island calls for your name again, then, you start an adventure on that island.

Oblitus Casa – an FNaTI download is ready to challenge your survival skills

This FNaF Oblitus Casa game brings you some creepy challenges that require your skills and strategies to vanquish. Besides, you also need to show your bravery as you play.

It is about you guarding a building on the Treasure Island. You sit in an office and then watch over the place through cameras. As you watch over it, you will encounter lots of animatronics that move around the building at night. Hence, you need to use strategies to fight against them.

Your goal is to explore the mysteries of the building as well as protect yourself from creepy animatronics.

Oblitus Casa FNaF download features great graphics, gameplay mechanics, as well as atmospheric sound design. These features will make the game creepier and much more amazing to play.

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