One Week At Fredbears v1.3 update

One Week At Fredbears v1.3 update is one of the top Five Nights at Freddy’s based fan games. It’s completely available to enjoy! Additionally, it is more stable for you to put the mask on the face when you see Frebear and Springbonnie invade the office successfully!

So, your role in FNAF One Week At Fredbears v1.3 update Gamejolt is a security guard. You are hired to watch over a local restaurant from midnight to 6 AM for five days or even more. In that creepy dark building, you must defend yourself from many different evil animatronic mascots. Be careful! They can wander and break into your space at any time they want. Therefore, properly using given devices in One Week At Fredbears v1.3 update download free will allow you to survive longer. However, you are recommended to choose and utilize these tools in the right way or you can be captured and killed. Are you ready to embark on your latest part-time job and stay alive before you unlock the next level? Good luck!

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