Overnight: Revived

Overnight: Revived free download is the remastered version of Overnight, bringing better features to explore, such as 1005 free roam, camera systems, terrifying free-roaming animatronics, and voice acting. Overnight: Revived FNAF Fan Game still keeps the original gameplay from Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. This means you also have to fight off all animatronics as you take on the nightshift at a scary building. You are provided with some cameras and other equipment to work. Make sure you check all corners in the building, roam around the establishment carefully, and by any means, stay out of the place of the animatronics if you don’t want to be jumpscared. The game also gives you a feature to reset the generator once every night, so use it smartly! You have to do whatever you can to get through all creepy nights, complete your mission and become the victor! Are you ready? Click to download Overnight: Revived for free! Much fun!

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