Peashooter Nights

Peashooter Nights download is a creepy adventure game featuring hostile animatronics. In Peashooter Nights, you avoid jumpscares of animatronics for your survival.

Peashooter Nights is a fan game with a combination of Plants vs Zombies and FNAF. You are a nightguard trying to protect yourself from the peashooter animatronics.

Peashooter Nights is now available with the full version and ready to take you to a creepy restaurant

This is an FNAF horror download with an amazing crossover between Plants vs Zombies and FNAF games. FNAF Peashooter Nights is about a new restaurant launched by Crazy Dave. He has a big garden that is usually attacked by zombies.

However, these zombies always take damage from the plants. For a celebration, Crazy Dave opened a restaurant – Peashooter Garden Heroes. It is a popular restaurant but it witnesses some bad things. For instance, there are some criminals that attempt to take the plants as well as some equipment in the restaurant.

Your mission and objective in Peashooter Nights full game

Dave Crazy hired you to work at his restaurant as a night watchman. Your name is Nate Timely and you come to the restaurant to work some night shifts. Your mission is to make sure the place is safe during the nights.

Peashooter Nights Night 6 Game Download
Peashooter Nights Night 6 Game Download

However, the mission seems to be hard to do due to the attacks of animatronics. They are quite hostile at night and they are able to make movements. Therefore, you need to guard yourself as well as keep the place safe.

Your objective is to survive all of those nights to become the winner of the game.

Download Peashooter Nights for free to enjoy a creepy adventure and express yourself as an excellent survivor!

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