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Privacy Policy of contains the private information collected from users when using the website. You also know why the information is collected.

Privacy Policy is an important thing that all users need to know before using our website – This section aims to keep your interests safe when you browse the website.

Privacy Policy of

By reading our Privacy Policy, you will understand which information we collect from you. Hence, if you care about your information when you browse things, it is best for you to read this section in a careful way.

As you know, our website aims to serve users with lots of FNAF games. These are survival adventure and creepy games made by fans. They are also based on the Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon.

Our website provides users with information about FNAF games. So, users can know about the games before they download and play them.

Privacy Policy of includes some information

There is a variety of types of information that we collect from you. For instance:

Information that we collect from you

We collect some types of information from you. For instance, we collect your preferences as well as other information in relation to your play.

When you want to contact us, you have to type some information such as your Username, Email, Address, Name, and Password. We also collect your Avatar/Profile Picture as you log into our website.

For advertising purposes, you also provide some of your data. This includes the games you have played, your IP Address, your Country, Local Settings, Browser, Type of Network, and Time Zone.

Not only that but we also collect some other data. The data is diverse, for instance, device ID, user ID, as well as even the advertisements you have clicked to view.

Why do we need to collect your information?

Here are the reasons why we need to collect your information:

  • We can better our website and services thanks to your information.
  • When you send us your questions, your collected information helps us answer your questions and contact you. You can send us your questions via
  • We can reach new users thanks to your data.
  • Your information helps us find out wrongdoings from users.

Information that we don’t collect

For users who are under the age of 13, we don’t collect their information. It is because we don’t recommend this website to those users.

Our Cookies on

This website – utilizes cookies to gather information about users. You may want to know about cookies. It functions like a tool attached to the website and it collects information from users when they are on this website. It keeps the information of users when they get back to the website.

The cookies will help the websites function better. Besides, we use cookies to have a good grasp of how our website is functioning and learn who is utilizing it.


Our website keeps users safe from malicious things on the Internet. Besides, we follow security methods to keep users from using the website in the wrong way. The database is stored by our passwords. The administrators will utilize passwords to get into the system.

The way for users to access and manage their information on this website

You can access your information on this website. You can also manage them if you want. This means you have the right to control your information to your preference. For more information about this, you can contact us via

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