Project Chica

Project Chica is a horror Fnaf fangame gettable on Gamejolt. Enjoy the new version and embark on a cool part-time job as a night watchman! You will have to look after every device in the building for a week, from 12 AM to 6 AM. During that period, you must prevent the monster from approaching your place. Otherwise, you will be caught and killed after that.

Before you start FNAF Project Chica, you can reset the AI. It is the difficulty level of each rival. When you set a hostile party as you want, you can begin the first night. Keeping your life safe until the end of the match will be the main aim. Therefore, you need to make the best use of available tools around the area. They will help you supervise and block the enemy promptly. Download the latest edition and show up your skills right now! Much fun!

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