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Project : Desolation [A FNAF Inspired Horror Game]

Download Project : Desolation [Android Port] Download Project Desolation Source Files

Download Project : Desolation free and experience a fun-addicting FNAF based strategy fan game! Similar to the original, it also offers an exciting challenge as a re-imagining of the first title called Five Nights At Blue Thing. It is considered a big game including more than 500 frames of animation and 2,000 lines of code.

Enjoy Project : Desolation Gamejolt and dig deeper into unsolved mysteries behind a tragic accident your way. It resulted in the premature death located in an abandoned establishment. While the main character has save a little money, he determines to rebuild it and wants to make it popular again. However, something strange is missed with a few old equipment and machines. In FNAF Project : Desolation, you can hardly understand why you are here. Just focus on defending from scary animatronic monsters and staying alive at the end! Are you ready to conquer that journey? Good luck!

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