Project Readjusted 2

Project Readjusted 2 is a fan made game of the Project Readjusted Series. Freely download Project Readjusted 2 to uncover the mysteries of your building.

The fan game Project Readjusted 2 is a collection of mysteries surrounding a restaurant. You have to watch the camera to uncover the truth at this creepy restaurant.

Project Readjusted 2 download brings players into the world of scary animations

FNAF Project Readjusted 2 game is in a restaurant. The restaurant owner cleverly arranged more cartoon robots to attract children. However, these cartoon characters seem to be acting the wrong way at night.

Play Project Readjusted 2 fanmade game and uncover the mysteries

Obviously, restaurant owners always think that robots will help the restaurant to do better. However, they hide countless mysteries when night falls. In fact, they are no longer friendly and start threatening humans.

Like Project Readjusted 3 FNaF download, in this FNaF fanmade game, you can use the camera to see the room. See what’s going on and protect yourself. Obviously, you need to make an effort to survive the terrible hunts of robots in this Project Readjusted gamejolt.

Project Readjusted 2 download offers a lot to explore and solve the mysteries of the game. So, try to survive the horror nights by your own luck. Play the game and overcome your fear today.

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