Sans Simulator 2 Demo

Sans Simulator 2 Demo a fun Fnaf fangame marks the return of an exciting series inspired by Fnaf. It is a retro RPG where you will have to remove all of the enemies in the shortest time. Remember that it is a free turn-based multiplayer match taking place through many levels! So, you are recommended to deploy strategies properly. Otherwise, you will be damaged and killed faster than expected. Think of tactics when the opponent unleashes his abilities!

Different from the first chapter Sans Simulator, the second version will offer more attacks such as rotating Gaster Blasters. Not only that, Sans Simulator 2 download will contain a fully moddable tool. It allows players to edit sans’ sprites and more. While new modes (Challenge and Singleplayer) are being planned to release, you can choose soul types you love most to play your story. Visit Gamejolt and embark on the battle to learn much more right now!

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