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Terms of Use of game-jotl.com lets you know about the users’ rules for using the website. This helps you have a good grasp of how to use the website.

Terms of use is the section in which you will know which rules are made for you when you use the website – game-jotl.com. By learning the rules, you will have a good experience on our website.

Terms of use on game-jotl.com

If you want to become an official user, make sure you have a good grasp of our Terms of Use. Because this section contains rules for users, you will know them and avoid wrongdoings on the website.

We made these rules because we want to give users a good playground where they can explore FNAF games and download them. Therefore, our website only contains good activities without illegal activities. Besides, we also try to stop users from exploiting the website for their purposes.

Detailed terms of use of our website

Before you explore our terms, we want to let you know that we provide content, gameplay review, and guides on FNAF games. Hence, you need to read the terms of use carefully prior to downloading them.


As we mentioned before in the About Us section, our website only features the games based on FNAF games by Scott Cawthon. Hence, all elements like images, texts, graphics, as well as logos belong to the owner of the game.

For the games taking inspiration from the original games, their elements belong to the fans who created those games. We only provide users with those elements with the copies of game descriptions created by us.

Privacy Policy

We have the Privacy Policy section. In this section, we provide users with the types of information we collect from you.

The way we contact you

We will contact you via the email you use to send us your questions or feedback. Both sides use email to contact each other.


We ensure that there are no improper ads on our website. We don’t provide the content of the ads because they are from third parties. However, we control the ads displayed on the website.

Users’ rules

If you get to our website, this means you agree with our terms of use. You will utilize the website in a good way without illegal activities.

We are the owner and host of the content we created on this website. Hence, you are not allowed to utilize them without our permission.

Users’ account

When you want to use our website, you have to create an account. After creating it, you will have to manage your personal information such as username and password.

User data protection

Our website keeps your data and information safe as you enjoy the games here.

License to access the website

We provide you with a license to access and utilize our website. You can use our website following the rules we have set out for you. However, you cannot make changes to the content without our permission.

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