The Joy Of Creation Survive Mode

The Joy Of Creation Survive Mode is the place for you to enjoy real 2D survival moments. Focus on your camera and see if someone moves.

Tjoc Survive Mode is a game not to be missed, as it is an unforgettable survival experience. What will you do to survive in a house with animatronics and their scares?

This is a classic new mode of The Joy Of Creation game, the best fangame of the FNAF series. You will have interesting survival in the house at night and have to find a way to survive for a certain amount of time. The animatronics characters will follow you from everywhere, from the bedroom, the window, the balcony… They are back in new form, promising to create surprises. To avoid meetings with them, you should keep a close eye on your camera. You are sitting in front of an old television and trying to track movements on a 2D camera system. Did you detect some motion from animatronics? If so, you should close the door immediately or prepare yourself for an unhappy encounter in this FNAF survive. There is always someone waiting for your distraction to deliver monstrous jokes. Yes, it’s not fun but you can dodge it with the classic survival skill in five nights at freddy’s.

TJOC Survive Mode Strategy Game
TJOC Survive Mode Strategy Game

This exciting experience will engage the FNAF fangame in the long run. It is really attractive and new when everything takes place in 2D but very vivid. The character image is different, bringing a more realistic sense of survival. Besides, the sound is as attractive as the original FNAF versions. So don’t miss any exciting moment and test how good your survival ability is. You can enjoy it now and don’t let the animatronics give you too many jokes!

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