Those Nights at Rachel’s

Those Nights at Rachel’s | Hard Edition

Those Nights at Rachel’s | DEMO

If you want to know how brave you can be, download Those Nights at Rachel’s for free and play it on your PC. This is one of the best FNAF fan games inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. The game revolves around a scary adventure in which you play as a night watchman working at a restaurant at night. You need to make sure that everything is safe during the night. The problem is that the animatronic robots of this place start to roam the building while you are working in the office. They want to enter your room to jumpscare you. By using all equipment you have, you must defeat them before you get killed. Make use of the cameras to track their movement to know where they are reaching. If they are close to your place, close the doors in time, and make use of the lights smartly to scare them away. You aim to survive all nights, complete your mission, and become the winner. Play Those Nights at Rachel’s FNAF fan game! Have fun!

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