UCN Mobile (Ultimate Custom Night)

UCN Mobile which is known as Ultimate Custom Night is a horror survival Fnaf fan-made game. It is free for those who use Android 4.2+ to play. It is about an unfair match set in a haunted local restaurant. You will fight against multiple scary animatronic characters and other monsters. The mission that you need to implement is to survive. If you stay alive at 6 AM, you will become the winner.

Start the new challenge in UCN Mobile Gamejolt as a night security guard you are asked to watch every device including roaming machines. However, you will have to complete more. Always supervise them via cameras located throughout the location! They will offer images and clues important to make a plan. Are you ready to open the office and begin to show your skills? Firstly, download the version. Next, reset the difficulty level as your preference. Have fun!

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