Ultimate Chaos Night

Ultimate Chaos Night is a horror game that you can download without difficulty. Since it is available on Gamejolt, it quickly becomes a popular version. Not different from Fnaf series, especially first chapters, you will start off with a security guard working the night shift at a creepy restaurant in the local. Once you step into the office, you will have the chance to explore endless secrets related to your foes, animatronic machines. Further, they are special robots that can roam throughout the location. They will find your area, break into your room and catch you with jumpscares. Not only that, they will stuff you until you die because of losing too much blood.

FNAF Ultimate Chaos Night fangame is an interesting reupload made in Clickteamfusion 2.5. So, it will contain lots of bugs. However, you will uncover plenty of cool features such as a whole set of animatronics coming from Fnaf games, from 1-6. In addition, note that there will be only one very chaotic night. During your journey, you can find out dozens of Easter Eggs by clicking on objects in your spot and title screen. Besides, you can hop into a minigame to look for more mysteries hidden for a long time.

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