Ultimate Nintendo Night 2

Download Ultimate Nintendo Night 2
Download Ultimate Nintendo Night 2

Ultimate Nintendo Night 2 by a fan is now download able for free. It is the second installment in the Ultimate Nintendo Night series. The game is back with bigger and better features to explore. It contains 70 roster characters, new and old faces all around. The mission for you in Ultimate Nintendo Night 2 free download is to work at the Nintendo Fan Location from 12 AM to 7 AM. While you are ar work, the emulation machine bringing characters to live through rooms becomes haywire due to someone and they are ready to defeat you. Make use of your given tools with equipment, including an upgraded camera battery, the office light switch to save the extra power, a power generator with the limited use and other things to scare away all animatronics. They want to enter your office to jumpscare you, so you’d better stop them and defeat them before they kill you. The game also features Special Delivery mode in which you will take on an adventure of recruiting characters. Download Ultimate Nintendo Night 2 for free! Have fun with it!

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