Week Whit Mac Tonight

Week Whit Mac Tonight is a fun Fnaf Download game not created by Scott Cawthon. Download the current version and get ready to check out your own survival skill for free! Your story begins from the moment you accept to complete an exciting part-time job at a haunted building in the local area. The main aim will not only include watching over devices in that place. Actually, the boss warned something behaving strangely at night. Especially, you will not be compensated if you are injured or dead. So, you have another objective to implement when you engage in Week Whit Mac Tonight, an awesome FNAF fangame. Your shift will start at 12 and stop at 6 AM. During that period, you must supervise everything carefully, consisting of your enemies. Remember that these hostile animatronic killers can roam and visit your office whenever! If you do not block them promptly, you can be captured and stuffed until death!

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